Dan Fontanelli

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Interwoven processes are balanced between the camera and the darkroom where the work comes to life, is embellished and given substance. Concerned with perceptions of scale, time and place, books and series work are enquiries, spaces to wonder, small meditations.


Darkroom prints are all hand made and range in size from 12x16 through to 1m +. The pages in any book or zine are made from directs copies of darkroom prints. Prints are made to order as bespoke pieces. 


Dan Fontanelli is the owner of Bright Rooms, a darkroom & studio in London. Built to share a passion for analogue technique, Bright Rooms is an open access space for photographers to use and also a teaching space to learn. Workshops take place all week catering for children, hobbyists and professional alike. Dan runs private workshops in 35mm, medium format photography and darkroom printing.

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